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Tailor-made Bouquet in different sizes, colors and styles. Get your unique bouquet now :)


A Bunch of Flowers 

Choose your bunch of Flowers


Standard Size 日常花束 

( ~32-35cm W)

Fresh Flowers 鮮花 HKD 1180

Silk Flowers 絲花 HKD 980


Medium Size 中級花束 

( ~40cm W)

Fresh Flowers 鮮花 HKD 1480

Silk Flowers 絲花 HKD 1280


Grand Size 特大花束 

( ~45cm W)

Fresh Flowers 鮮花 HKD 1680

Silk Flowers 絲花 HKD 1480


Premier Style 特製花束 

(Tailor-made extra large size & Premium florals)


自訂枝數 e.g. 33pcs, 50 pcs, 99pcs, 

自訂款式 e.g. 熊貓花


Fresh Flowers 鮮花 from HKD 1880

Silk Flowers 絲花 from HKD 1680




Bouquet Inspirations

The Lady

Autumnal Vintage

Fresh Garden

Something Peach

Wild Loose

Vintage Red



Red Lips

Gentle Swells

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